Progress of the projects

Ama’s bow upgrade: The base shape and the foam are glued to the bow of the ama. Currenly s sanding down to shape the foam of one ama. Soon lamination will start.

Rudder: Lamination of the rudder and case are completed. Preparing the tiller, and junction between case and tiller.

25 December 2022

Ama removal

One of the upgrades is going to be on the bow of the ama. Want to have a more agreessive and modern design.

19 December 2022

We go home

After 2 years of amazing adventures and more than 3500 Nm sailed its time to start a new adventure. The boat will go through a complete check up together with some upgrades in preparation for a possible Atlantic crossing in 2023.

6 November 2022

Pure Madness

5 November 2022

Gliding with the new tiller

Testing the first prototype of the new extension tiller. Wat a change. Can’t believe that it take me so long to come up with a new extension tiller. Amazing condition 15-20kn with flat water.

22 October 2022

Mainsheet Harken 8:1

I have decide to replace my current mainsheet control with an 8:1 Harken system, instead of the previous 6:1.

30 July-25 August 2022


An other crazy adventure across the Med. The boat and myself made a step forward compare to last year. I know her much better ad she is much better prepared to take over almost any condition. I have kept the legs shorter and visited more places. Lucky enough the condition were perfect almost every day, allowing me to keep higher averages. Over almost 1500 Nm I have motored less than 20hrs. Still impressed by the performance.

23 July 2022

Finally we go sailing

After a winter of hard working to upgrade the boat and received the new sails, it is time to test everything before my summer trip. A light breeze coming from the south and flat see are the perfect condition to try everything at a comfortable paste. Unfortunately I have just this occasion to test and fine tune the various modifications. The rest I will do on my way to Malta.

What can I say….everything seem to be working really good, what a surprise hahahahaha. The sail have an awesome shape and he carbon deck is really effective. Going below deck is a joke. The look it is just crazy aggressive!!

Winter 2021/22

Full refit

After my last sailing trip in the Mediterranean sea, I have realized that the boat was not ready for blue water sailing. The need of some basic modification was mandatory. I have spent all the winter working on the upgrades, from maneuvers layout to sprayhood, carbon boom, lazy bag, new sails,…

In the projects section you will find more details of the work done on the boat. (From a β€œcruiser” to a racer)

22 October 2021

TI WAY is sold

Finally after several months TI WAY has founded a new home. New owner is happy and I am happy/relieved as well.

27 September – 16 October 2021

Mediterranean Sea

Here we are, after an incredible Journey. More than 1000 nm sailed across the Mediterranean sea. Facing all sort of condition, from the famous Mistral to the famous no wind, 3 meter waves and flat waters.. Changed more than 40 time the head sail, from jib to screecher to storm jib to gennaker….and again…and again… The experience you gain sailing 24/7 alone is just unreal. Hats off to all the solo sailors.

I have landed in some incredible places, meet some other crazy sailor and saw dolphins everywhere. The Med has so much to offer, no need to go to the Bahamas πŸ˜‰

Overall I didn’t had any major issue, except a broken screecher, a broken main and a broken autopilot and some bruises here and there…hahahah. The boat behaved really well, the autopilot mechanical system was just perfect and the electrical system was astonishing. Didn’t have to charge the batteries for more than a week, and I have a huge fridge.

14 August 2021

Mast lowering, mast head upgrade

Lowering the mast of a Corsair Marine is not as nice and easy as it is advertise. Usually it is done on ground but on the sailing manual it is explain that is possible also on the water in pretty much the same way. Ok, over 11 meters of mast are for sure hard to handle and probably the concept is not that bad. That being sad…The mast tends to go to the right or left, quiet hard to control the lowering phase handling the two shrouds and the lowering line alone. Again it is advertise that it can be done single handed. The lowering pole as well as the deck joints are under so much stress that it feels like they will going to collapse at anytime. I have used a winch to lower the mast, but the rope was stick slipping all the time on the drum not allowing a smooth descent. Without the stick slip it would have been probably much better. To raise it I will use a crane, not worth taking the risk to drop the mast!!

I have installed a nice anchor light from Aquasignal, B&G wireless wind index and VHF antenna. almost ready for off-shore sailing.

24-25 July 2021

Sea trials, Sestri Levante

Two days of sea trials in preparation of my September Journey. Heading to Sestri Levante, 30 Nm away from Genova. On the first day had to sail upwind the hole day in 10-15 kn of wind. Was ok but took me quiet some time to get there, around 9 hrs and 45 effective Nm. The day after was a complete different story, pounding 25 kn and a nice southern swell. Blasting 4 hrs at an avg speed of 7.5 kn.

3-10 July 2021


One word: WOW!!!

26 June 2021

Sea trials, Gallinara island

Preparing my self and the boat for the three weeks trip of this summer. Checking that everything works properly, rig, autopilot, electronics, maneuvers,…The best way to do it, is to sail. I also want to understand what are the average nm/day that are reasonable, to predict more accurately the duration of each leg of the trip.

I had light winds on my way there and also on my way back, I have discover more than ever the importance of building apparent wind in order to sail the fastest possible. In multihulls apparent wind is vital for optimum performance.

The sail was of 70 Nm and we averaged 4 kn. For the condition I am happy.

3 June 2021

Summer vibes

Seem that summer is finally arrived, easy sail in 4/6 kn of wind and 28Β°C…anchored est of Genoa to take a swim and admire my baby. Isn’t she pretty??

27 March 2021

Rope bag and mast check

Build up a nice rope bag from an old sail and did a check of the mast. Soon there is going to be a wind station. Climbed the mast in an arborist style, works just fine πŸ˜‰

20 March 2021

Breaking the 17kn barrier

This is just unreal. 17.3kn!! Feels like being on a rocket! The boat just fly’s. It accelerate so easily, picking up speed without effort. Even at 15+ kn you do not have any feeling of loosing control, the limit are well pass the 15kn barrier. It penetrates and glides trough the water so smoothly, that you wish it would never end. I have covered 67nm and averaged 6.7kn.

Guys, Trimarans might have all sorts of cons but they are fast!

Surfing @15

27-28 February 2021

Breaking the 15kn barrier

15.7 kn guys! Those are some numbers, without even trying that hard. The adrenaline is still really high, couldn’t believe I was going that fast!! Funky Rana just fly’s on the water….sprays, surfs, and everything remain smooth. What a ride!! The boat behaves incredibly well at those speeds, I am sure I can hit 20s easily in the next few months.

The downwind run was a blast and not too wet…the way back was a roller-coaster. Speed constantly above 8-9 kn at 55Β° TWA, with short wave is like being in a swimming pool in the cockpit. The amount of water coming in is just out of this world. You need really good waterproof gear. On my wish list Musto HPX ocean πŸ˜‰

The first day was not that exciting, light breeze 2/3kn. I have rigged the Code 0 and was able to reach 4.5 kn…Even in such calm condition the boat moves at an astonishing paste.

13-14-15 February 2021

Breaking the 12kn barrier

One day of hard work and two of sailing. Usually is the opposite, but I am getting better… try out the new carbon control panel and installed some really cool LED lights. Not sure about the consumption…in any case I have also installed 110 Watts of solar panels. Quiet expensive but really cool, Gioco flexible monocrystalline panels.

Wind was blowing strong from the north, sun was shining but it was frikeshly cold! Did some short exciting sail, hit my record speed of 12.4kn. AWESOME!!!! Didn’t do many miles, didn’t want to freeze of my special guest πŸ˜‰

24 January 2021

The day has arrived!!!

It is Sunday, winds are blowing from the North @20-25 Kn with 2-3m waves from the South…not really the best condition to try out a trimaran for your first time. But who cares, I can’t wait..

WOW…unbelievable!! It’s a trimaran really that fast???!!! Oh yesss!!! Set up only the jib on my first downwind run, 5..6..7..8…10 kn in no time…so different compare to my Minitransat. It just accelerates without heeling…steer is super light, always!! Rig seem not getting bit up like on a mono-hull, everything remains quiet light. Be aware the cockpit is wet, I have water sprays coming from all sides, seem like those Vendee Globe images…wasn’t prepare for that. I am soon wet…

Time to head towards home, rigged the main with two reefs…and headed home on a close reach route. Bang!!! 11.8 kn…at the end 39 nm and 5.7 kn average, not bad…


16 January 2021

Cleaning and preparing for first sail

Cleaned up the whole boat, was dirty, and set up the sails. Just need the right day for my first sail.

27 December 2020

New harbor Marina Genova Aeroporto

This time I have choose a more fancy marina. It is much more convenient and nicer compare to my previous one. I can park 50 meters away from my mooring place, eat and have a drink at any time in one of the many restaurants of the marina. You pay a little more, but trust me it is worth it.

If you place your boat in an uncomfortable place, hard to reach by car therefore inconvenient for unloading and loading of material, you will end up not using the boat and dreaming about getting rid of it.

26 December 2020


There she is…finally in the water. Sooo slim…

15 December 2020

Let’s bring the new boat to Genova

It’s finally time to bring the trimaran to the see. After a 6 hour trip, the boat is off the trailer and ready for new antifouling. In about 5 days she’ll be in the water


12 September 2020

One of the last session with TI WAY 😦

N @ 20 kn; sea 2. Nice breeze coming from the north…quiet some fun in Genoa..With this condition the new boat should be flying at 15kn!!!


15 August 2020

Fleet extension, new baby

Corsair Marine F28 CCR

Night transport


27 June – 4 July 2020

Adventure in the Eolian Islands

What a place…one of the most amazing place I ever been to. Wild nature, Vulcanos, animals and lots of history. I definitely recommended to any one that wants to have an unforgettable Vacation.

Rented a Bali 4.1, to move this boat you need quiet some wind…in summer time in this area usually you do not have strong winds, mostly in the 5-10kts range. Therefore did not have much fun sailing…

Below some shots of the trip…detailed description under sailing trips

1-2-3 August 2019

Chasing the Gallinara Island

On my first atemp I ha to give up at about 5 nm from the target, due to darkness… and the fact that I had to face a “storm” during the day.

Decided to give it another try…This time I had reserved three full days to do the journey. Was really lucky with the weather and the wind. I averaged a blasting 5.7 kn on my way there (34 nm), and 4.5 kn on my way back. With the wind always at a favorable angle.

27 July 2019

Sewing time

During the last trip I have teared a part the jib in different area. The sail is not that new anymore material is starting to deteriorate. This winter I have bought an industrial zig-zag sewing machine to repair sails and other textile materials. First repairs were hand made…takes quiet some time depending on the size of the repair πŸ˜‰

27 June – 5 July 2019

La Maddalena

Beautiful journey to La Maddalena, with an amazing crew. What a see…hope to go back as soon as possible. Started out in Portisco and sailed 100 NM up and around the Maddalena archipelago.

22-23 June 2019

Storm time, Genova-Pietra Ligure

Weather can change fast…really fast. I was on my way to the Gallinara Island, when suddenly a strong perturbation came in from Savona. Wind pick up intensity, and in no time I had N@40kn. Waves build up quiet fast, and soon I was head to toe wet πŸ˜‰ Headed slightly down-wind and reefed the main with some good effort. The Jib collapsed at the leech just around the repaired area. Than headed to a cross wind pace and sailed my way out of the bad weather.

Spent the night in front of Pietra-Ligure, wind was dying out so I was able to sleep well. Day 2 was totally different, light wind from the SW…35NM of Gennaker.

Day 1

Day 2

1st of June 2019

Time to work

Lesson nr 1: always remove sharp edges. Replaced backstay control system and integrated the autopilot…plus cleaned out the sails and boat…3 days job πŸ˜‰

12 May 2019

Strong winds

N @ 25 kn; sea 2. Intense training in Genoa, gust at 35 kn…like being in a wash machine going up wind.

27 April 2019

Light winds + Dad on board

Not much wind around…but what a day!! Dolphins everywhere, such a big emotion…

21 April 2019

Outboard support

I have finally installed the upgradet engine support. Now cavitation should no longer be an issue.



19 April 2019


Wind SW @ 10 kN; Seas 1. An other perfect day for training with the gen. Rig works smoothly…so much fun


6 April 2019

Gennaker easy session

Wind SE @ 8 kN; Seas 1

Light wind, perfect for some exercise with the gen. Preparing for stronger winds

9 February 2019

An other winter session

Wind E @ 18kN; Seas 3-4

Cloudy day, but overall nice conditions. Boats works just fine…engine support is not that good. Cavitation problems, with waves and strong winds not so nice.

3 January 2019

Winter session

Wind N @ 15kN; Seas 1-2

Beautiful day in Genoa, 12Β°C and 15-20Kn of wind…sailed 17 Nm topped 6.9 Kn…

2 January 2019

Solar panels

Here is the finalized solar panel support. FULL CARBON as usual πŸ˜‰ plus 70 Watts to chill the beers

1 September 2018

Quick morning session beaufort 4

Left the harbor at 7 o’clock…predicted wind 15 to 20 kn. Nice little surfs downwind…did not use the Gen. Top speed 8kn..

8 September 2018

Testing the gen

Light wind in Genoa 4-6 Kn, new bowsprit rigging…finally working smoothly. So much fun the gen 😎

23 June 2018

Heading home at sunset

After chilling at Cogoleto beach a litle gen and some engine…

Bowsprit rig snapped, a little to weak…

20 May 2018

Captain Ariell on the surf

Awesome day in Genoa, beaufort 4/5, top speed 9.4 Kn

13 May 2018

Sailing tes day 1

Lets sail!! Not such a sunny day, but the company was out of this world!! 10 Nm, everything seem to work fine.


12 May 2018

Test day

Heading for the first test. Checking the rudders and engine support. The Harbor is huge!!

5 May 2018

Mast is up

Boat had been fixed, mast is up rigging ok…time to go sailing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

16 February 2018

On the way to Genoa

The mast is finally heading Genoa to get back together with TI WAY.

12 December 2017

Facing a strong gale

Sadly the stress of the moring line tear apart the transom


1st August 2017

Looking good πŸ˜‰


15 July 2017

Let’s go

We are in Genoa!! But we are not in the water, due to problems placing the keel in the correct position I had to postpone the launch…29 i going to be the day…

14 July 2017

Ready for a road trip

After a year of hard work TI WAY is finally ready to be transferred to her new home base!!!

14 January 2017

TI WAY find home

After a couple of months of intense search, TI WAY have finally found a nice harbor in Genova (Italy). Transfer to the harbor is planned for the end of April, hopefully work will be fully completed. Cant wait to sail in the Mediterranean sea.


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