Romeo Lo Jacono


I have always dreamed about traveling the world to discover the beauty of nature. In 2003, when Alinghi won the 31st Americas Cup, I started building up a strong passion for sailing. Since than I followed closely the Americas Cup and offshore racing. Soon after starting my bachelor degree of mechanical engineering, it was the time of the multi hulls era. What a blast, I have completely felt in love with multi’s, and dreamed about having one. I finally achieved that goal in 2020.

During my bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineer I have participated to dedicated clinics on composite material. I went further and build up a workshop in my garage, to design and build composite materials parts for my boat. To sustain my passion and dreams I work as a Mechanical Engineer for an Innovation team .

My skills
  • Mechanical Enginner
  • Skipper
  • Composite material constructions
  • Customize carbon parts
  • Sport addicted
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